PWS (Personal Warning System) : Alert bracelet

The PWS is a project run by the junior entrepreneurs of the Douala Bassa Technical High School, winner of the national junior enterprise competition..

This is an innovative emergency alert bracelet! Unlike other existing electronic bracelets, the PWS works without an internet connection and has a battery life of up to 6 months! It allows the user to send an alert message with geolocation by pressing a button on the bracelet..

It can be useful for people living alone, children, the elderly, etc.

  • Design

    Normal bracelet

  • Autonomie

    Battery life of up to 6 months

  • GPS

    Geo-location alert


Do you want to invest in this project ?

Our Schule Z incubator team is very excited about the unique ideas that our young laureates bring to society. 

We are determined to support them in turning their ideas into businesses.

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Whatever the amount, your donations help us reach more young people! For example, 10 euros allows a young person to benefit from the Schule Z programmes in a high school.
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