ATM Anti-mosquito solution

The ATM solution – anti-mosquito is a project for the local manufacture and marketing of natural anti-mosquito products. It was set up by the high school students of HTC Cetip, national winner of the junior enterprise prize in Benin in the framework of the SCHULE Z programme.

Today, malaria kills a child every 2 minutes in Africa and in Benin, malaria is the leading cause of death among children.

Faced with this situation, students from the HTC Cetip’s Schule Z entrepreneurship club have designed a natural global solution to fight malaria.


  • Not harmful

    The products are natural

  • Accessible

    Anyone can get it

  • Cheaper

    Prices are within everyone's reach

  • Effective

    Efficiency guaranteed


Do you want to invest in this project ?

Our Schule Z incubator team is very excited about the unique ideas that our young laureates bring to society. 

We are determined to support them in turning their ideas into businesses.

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Whatever the amount, your donations help us reach more young people! For example, 10 euros allows a young person to benefit from the Schule Z programmes in a high school.
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